Déjà vu



We are all just a smile, a wink, a song, a dream away from falling into our pasts.

I’ve been here before. Butterflies in the stomach, raising pulses, skipping heartbeats, everything seems so familiar! Those beautiful days are in the past, though I had always wished to relive those some day. It feels like those days again.

Not once did I expect this to happen again, not this soon anyway! Even if it comes back to me, I thought I’d have control over it this time. But here I am, ‘wishing’, just like the last time.

How did this happen? After all, those two are nothing like each other!

Damn it, you! You should’ve looked after yourself, seen that you don’t fall in love again.

I was happy the last time I was in love, it used to be like living a dream. Only this time, I am scared, of being in a dream again, of living broken, of being lost, of getting bruised deep inside.

This time, I’m not sure I need this.





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